Tickets may be purchased online or at the door with cash or credit card. Ticket booth closes at 11 PM. We recommend coming early, or purchase online before tickets sell out!

Mansions Tickets
$23 online plus processing fee
$25 at the door
*Tickets are the same for kids and adults. We do not recommend kids under 8 years old.

Bounceback Tickets
Bounceback tickets are only valid on weekdays and Fridays (not on Saturdays). Bring used and marked off ticket to ticket booth and receive $5 off ticket price. One per person.

Ticket Includes
House of Chaos
Clown House
Creature House
Old Steam Plant
Comish Hall (Ghost Adventures Favorite!)

Group Discounts
Large groups of 25 or more can receive $3 off per person only on Fridays, Thursday and Halloween Night. NO GROUP DISCOUNTS FOR SATURDAYS!

Phone: (208) 312-8484



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