Was the college really abandoned?

Albion State Normal School was established by the Idaho State Legislator in 1893. The citizens of Albion actively lobbied the schools establishment, and donated the land and labor for the new campus. The school offered a two year teacher training program until 1947, when it was renamed Southern Idaho College of Education (SICE) and awarded baccalaureate degrees. The school remained troubled by low income and lack of funding and finally closed by the state in 1951. During its existence Albion State Normal School awarded approximately 6,460 degrees. The campus remained vacant until 1957, when the Magic Valley Christian College opened at the site, and later closed in 1969. Since it has been closed there have been rumors of paranormal activity, and several paranormal investigation groups have come to try to find any forgotten spirits left in the abandoned college.

The College in 1943

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